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Hire a Lifeguard

Contact us at to book now!

Whether you're hosting a small holiday party or a corporate event, our experienced lifeguards can help make it as safe as possible!

Our Rationale

Please reach out directly for a quote.

Every event is unique, so we'll work together to figure out exactly

what you need!

Our Requirements
  1. Lifeguards always have access to a restroom.

  2. Lifeguards have a dedicated chair to utilize for the duration of their working time.

Safety is our top priority for swimmers and lifeguards alike. This is why we have a two lifeguard minimum.

Exactly like you see at pools, this ensures:

  • Swimmers are never left unattended.

  • Guards receive time to eat, use the restroom, and rest so that when they are guarding, their sole focus can be on keeping everyone safe.

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